Creating opportunities for your restaurants or event space, applying strategies from a new perspective
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¿Te has preguntado si en tu restaurante la composición de las mesa es la correcta?
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La ocupación de los asientos nos da una indicación de cuánto se están utilizando las mesas del restaurante. La idea aquí es que las mesas ocupadas tengan el menor número de asientos vacíos .

Another article about Restauran Revenue Management
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....But how far are we from a correct application?
Let's take a different approach.

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RevPASH … Improve your menu to gain more
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Why only looking at RevPASH doesn’t allow you to see the big picture? Because RevPASH is the result of the optimal balance between Average Check and Occupancy.

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  • Do you want to increase the profitability of your restaurant or meeting space?
  • Do you want learn how to manage your prices and increase the profitability of your menu?
  • Do you want to increase the revenue per available square meter in your meeting space?
  • Do you want to improve occupancy in your off season, and maximize it during the peak period?
  • Do you want to have the advice of professional experts?

What we offer

ReStratego offers you a new vision of your business from the analysis and monitoring of your Restaurant or Event Space.

A study that allows you to have all the information in 360º to find and generate new opportunities that help growth.

Aspects such as demand, segmentation, occupancy, trends or even the business mix are analyzed to know the behavior of your business at all times. Menu engineering, pricing strategy or your positioning in the market complement this study.

We apply specific strategies from the analysis of the information collected. The bases of revenue management applied to restaurant.

Data Collect

Creating a database is the first step in carrying out your business analysis, so let's get started. We create the foundations.


The next step is to analyze, but first it is important to define well what information we are looking for. Here we will develop the key metrics, also known as KPIs, which will allow us to measure each and every one of the actions.

Strategic Plan

Establishing a route plan is key to achieving our goal and for this we must first define our purpose accompanied by a strategy. The plan is the result of the previous steps.


Constant monitoring allows us to follow all the phases of the process in Live to be able to adjust and adapt to the different needs of the market.

Who we are

  • We have accumulated over 20 years, experience in international luxury hotels in Revenue Management and Sales & Catering and Restaurants.
  • We truly apply Total Revenue Management by analyzing customer data throughout their hotel journey and restaurant.
  • We recommend strategies to increase revenue and profit based on KPI’s.
  • If you want to know more about us visit Roberto Bernardi and Santi Pintado on LinkedIn.

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